In 2005, the first World Cube Association competition in the South was hosted in Dallas, marking the beginning of cubing in the region. The event attracted 28 competitors, laying the foundation for future competitions to come. While it initially took some time for regular competitions to take root, primarily concentrated in Texas, the Southern cubing community began to expand its reach.

In 2010, Oklahoma successfully organized its first official competition, followed by Louisiana's Cajun Cube Clash in 2016. The year 2018 witnessed Arkansas hosting its first competition in Conway, further cementing the spread of cubing enthusiasm throughout the South. Most recently, in 2019, Mississippi held its very first cubing competition in Southaven, demonstrating the continuous growth and expansion of cubing throughout the region.

Today, cubing has gained tremendous momentum in the South, with the CubingUSA Southern Championships 2023 drawing over 250 competitors. The South is home to some of the World's fastest cubers and has been home to several World Record holders.  With competitions now occurring at least once a month, our goal is to further increase this frequency to provide more opportunities for Cubers to showcase their skills and join our community. The WCA South region is on its way to hosting over 20 competitions in 2023, solidifying its status as a vibrant hub for cubing enthusiasts.